My name is Eiden O. Garcia Torres currently entering my 4 year in Electrical Engineering in the University of Puerto Rico, Mayag├╝ez Campus. My current academic goals are to learn as much as possible about my career to apply it in practice in the most efficient way possible. I like to continuously search for solutions. I love to solve problems and, above all, to question the why of things methodically by being objective in the process. I always seek to see things from different points of view since I understand that this is the best way to find solutions.
Fun Fact: I found my passion for engineering as a child playing with legos. You will wonder how, but as I grew up seeing the different circuits and schematics, I associated each part of a circuit as if it were a Lego block. And the vast majority of my circuits and schematics I am buildem as if they were parts of legos.
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