My name is Orren Shachaf I am double-majoring in Electrical/Computer Engineering and English at the University of Texas at Austin. I am super interested in the biomedical applications of electrical engineering, and I eventually want to pursue a PhD program in biomedical engineering. My research interests include regenerative medicine, rehabilitative engineering, and biomechanical engineering. Outside of academics, I love reading fiction, creative writing, scrapbooking, and tennis. I’m looking forward to an awesome summer research experience!
Fun Facts:
Fun Facts: I have a 10-month-old border collie named Elsa. Her coloration is pretty strange, so sometimes she looks like a possum, other times she looks like a coyote, and, when she was just born, she looked like a pig. I love the game Magic: the Gathering! Hopefully, I can begin going to game stores for in-person tournaments soon!
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GitHub Handle: orren-shachaf